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Carlos prada // ceo 

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Between having two nationalities and work pulling back and forth between Architecture and Design and then options trading and portfolio,  managing between three continents, Carlos has been in a position where it was easy (and sometimes necessary) to benefit from global economic democratisation stemming from crypto and blockchain technologies.


He felt an innate pull to architect novel, vibrant, and exciting strategies evolving around marketing international decentralized projects and their incubation. Instead of waiting around for someone else to bring this to reality, he decided to start his company, Masterblox.


Along with his co-founder Isabella, he has been building Masterblox from the ground up since 2016. 

Masterblox had its fair share of achievements, but something in us can’t wait to see how high we can fly.

With over seven years of centralized marketing (Siemens, Volkswagen, Saltpay, and other fintech), Isabella has been building her tool rack of high-end marketing solutions that automate the proficiency of any campaign.

She also owns an ESG driven Fashion project with crypto inclusion that indeed brings tremendous out-of-the-blue insights for Masterblox.


The decentralization came to her as a solution for a free strategy and extending creativity, thus silver lining it with hi-tech.


Currently leading all the subteam marketers and being the Project Manager, she´s also behind some of the best Masterblox campaigns ever.

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isabella handel // coo 

abdulla al dhaheri // cto 

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Abdullais  a cyber security expert who created the first native blockchain in the Emirates, giving him high leverage in the cryptocurrency world in the UAE.


We’re excited to unveil how his experience with the ultimate sovereign blockchain tech and wisdom will evolve around the Masterblox ecosystem.

His skills are immeasurable but we can list some such as developing, implementing, and maintaining security processes and policies, Crisis management, Implementing and overseeing strategies to assess and mitigate risk, Making sure the company is compliant with local, national, and global regulations, risk matrixes, and many others.

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leonardo santos // cmo 


Leonardo has been a design expert for years and a publicist for the most significant events on entertainment in Brazil.


He joined Masterblox in 2018 when he arrived in Lisbon and left his home town Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—giving exceptional cultural insights and expanding creativity.


He combines operations intelligence with creativity which is a unique feature for the decentralized markets.


In Masterblox, we believe in term effort, and all the brainstorming is made in a group for the art direction; Leonardo is without question the orchestra's maestro.



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Wendy is a fearless advocate for the underdog! She is the CEO / Founder of Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization


(WEDO) / #ChooseWOMEN, a non-governmental volunteer organization and global initiative celebrated in 144 countries, and universities/ colleges worldwide with the mission to economically empower WOMEN to alleviate poverty.

She is the founder of LDP Ventures (SFO) investing in social impact disruptive technologies and funds making a positive imprint on this world.


Wendy has authored ten widely celebrated books, garnered three Guinness World Records, and has appeared in media outlets including CNBC, Business Insider, NBC's Today Show, Bloomberg, The New York Times and Forbes. She has also been a featured keynote speaker at the United Nations, Davos, and Harvard University.

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Wendy Headshot_edited.png
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Guilherme Jovanović is a Defi & Gamefi pioneer with his established launchpad YAY Games.


He is also the CEO of the striving 8-year-old fiat on-ramp - Indacoin. He has been deeply involved with over 200 blockchain startups and is a top consultant for several NASDAQ traded companies.


He´s been a key advocate in growing cryptocurrency adoption worldwide through his various ventures and partnerships but essential in growing our MES (Masterblox Ecosystem) and a national advocate for the growth of the crypto scene in Lisbon as a Portuguese member, just like the majority of Masterblox´s team.

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Our ecosystem meets no boundaries, and that is why we are thrilled to announce another DeFi superstar to our board of advisors, Taku Tanaka

His silver-lined skills go from leading media in Japan to the extensions of the venture capital scene in the emirates.

Through his years as a global director, he advised companies such as BitForex and HP, so we are nothing but proud to have him advise our tier1 clients inside the MES (MasterBlox Ecosystem).

MasterBlox always aims for the best quality, and we must learn and look up to the greatest.





A new chapter filled with young talents:

The #BloxTrainees program, bridging the talent of the centralized world into the exciting tides of web3.

Teresa H.Uhlfelder Álvares Ribeiro is a young Portuguese entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing and sales going back to 2017 in Orange county, to business strategy in our hometown Lisbon in a broad scope of businesses.

We are delighted to welcome you to the #mastersOfBlockchain and see you grow!

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