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Bespoke Framework for Blockchain Projects, specializing in Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising and Pioneers of the Signature Growth Hacking Technique since 2021.

Unleashing the Growth of Leaders and Innovators

When Acceleration meets high-end consultancy.

At Masterblox, we immerse ourselves in your project, offering comprehensive advisory and implementation services. With a vested interest or our ultimate KPI-driven credit system, perfected over years in the market, we accelerate your growth and market entry. Our mission is to transform your potential into tangible success, collaborating with genuine commitment every step of the way.


Revamp or create your project's narrative to align with current market trends. Masterblox assists early-stage to Series A projects with technical documents like tokenomics and offers comprehensive forensic analysis to improve market success. Leverage our expertise to stay ahead and enhance your project's potential.

Growth hacking

Experience rapid community onboarding and engagement ramp-up with Masterblox's Growth Hacking. Our specialized teams provide 24/7 FUD protection against social media threats, ensuring a positive and secure environment. Trusted by industry leaders, we deliver swift and tangible results.


Leverage Masterblox's network of over 1,400 contacts, including former and current clients and partners, to fast-track partnerships. No cold contacts—always straight to decision-makers. We drive exponential growth by swiftly connecting you with the right allies.

Use Cases

Introducing the Credit System

A Revolutionary Business Development Tool.

Masterblox innovates with a credit system that grants year-long access to a team of expert analysts, partnership brokers, and in-house advisors. This unique system, operating on a points basis, not only precisely tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) but also offers seamless introductions to our network by eliminating the reliance on cold introductions.

+1,400 Partners

55 Categories

Customized Client Portal

Building and Protecting Your Community

Masterblox fosters a positive and engaged community for your project.
With our own proprietary blend of tools and strategies, we protect your community from negativity while enhancing organic user acquisition and engagement.

Community Building

Masterblox quickly builds passionate communities for your project. In just 24 hours, we craft a compelling narrative that drives organic growth. Our focus is on creating a loyal, enthusiastic supporter base that genuinely resonates with your project's core values.

Engagement Driving

Keep your community dynamically engaged with tailored, mass-produced strategies and human-crafted messaging. We don't use bots or AI; our in-depth analysis and proactive tactics target the right audience, amplifying participation and ensuring every interaction adds value, strengthening your project's presence.

Counter FUD System

Safeguarding your project's reputation is crucial. The Masterblox Shield protects against FUD, hostile community members, and third-party attacks. Our dedicated squad actively monitors, analyzes, and counteracts threats to defend your project's integrity and enhance its market standing.

Grow your community now

Our Network

Building Alongside Global Blockchain Leaders

We have been in this business for a long while, and we are proud to say our reputation is upheld by our friends and partners. Together, we work towards making Web3 the open, decentralized and transparent space it was always meant to be.

Diverse Projects, Consistent Success


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Accelerator Metamask 

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Metamask Snaps lead generation
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BNB Chain

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4 European cities Partners
Physical Events in Lisbon
500+ Project submissions
3000+ attendees


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Chainlink Labs program creation

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