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Unleash the roar of your growth with our team of Web3 European natives and experts. Let us ignite the buzz and excitement through strategic campaigns and actions that will have people talking.

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How does it work?

Let us help you achieve your goals and build a vibrant community.

1 Onboarding

The onboarding process is designed to give you a competitive edge. A team of analysts will conduct a thorough review of your project, identifying key benchmarks and setting new targets.

2 Review

The analysts will also review your social media presence and compare you to industry peers and competitors, providing valuable insights to help you stand out in the market.

3 FUD Protection

The cutting-edge growth hacking program grants you access to powerful tools, like the Masterbiox Shields. This dedicated team will safeguard your community from negative behavior and cultivate a positive, engaging online presence.

4 Engagement Wizard

The ultimate objective is to drive organic engagement and expand your community. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, efficient, and fast services and offer 24/7 support to guarantee your success.

Growth Hacking Packages

Starting at
per month
1500+ Messages (split between channel/groups)
320+ Tweets or comments on relevant content
30+  Promotions in other crypto-related telegram groups
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Starting at
per month
5000+ Messages (split between channel/groups)
640+ Tweets or comments on relevant content
60+ Promotions in other crypto-related telegram groups

Masterblox Shield Included
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Starting at
per month
10000+ Messages (split between channel/groups)
1600+ Tweets or comments on relevant content
150+ Promotions in other crypto-related telegram groups

Masterblox Shield Included

Wave Maker Included
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Full Scope Deck

Other Services


Discord Setup

UI/UX Design

PR Blast

Social Media Management (Twitter, Discord, TG, Reddit)



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Our Clients' Voices

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Masterblox over the last year. Being one of our first partners and contributing be-spoke advisory services to the BUILD ecosystem has been excellent. I look forward to more collaborative efforts together."

Oliver Birch

Global Head
Chainlink Build

"Carlos Prada and the MasterBlox team are committed to enable the growth of the blockchain and crypto industries. Their team is responsive, thorough, and reliable. They have grown to be valued partners as they foster entrepreneurs around the world."

David Uhryniak

Director of Ecosystem Development Tron Dao

"We are very happy to work with Carlos and masterblox team, with only a few months we were able to find a lot of synergies and business opportunities. The team ability to network and navigate the space brings a lot of value to any partner"

João Leite

Managing Director

"We have been utilizing the Masterblox Suite of services for almost a year now and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Utrust is a fast-growing company that has undergone positive changes throughout the years, and we value having a partner that shares our vision and goals. We extend our appreciation to Masterblox for their partnership."

Nuno Correia


"We are very proud of the ecosystem growth we have fostered together with the Masterblox team.They are a highly valuable partner to Chainlink Labs and I am excited for our plans to continue empowering projects in the web3 space. The Masterblox team brings incredible expertise, professionalism and strong ability to execute to partners in their ecosystem."

Kate Lane


"We began our partnership with Masterblox in 2022 and have built up a trusting collaboration since. Masterblox is a core part of the web3 ecosystem in Lisbon and beyond. Carlos and his team go the extra mile for their partners, they always have our best interest in mind and are very well connected with the big players, the conferences and the builders in the space."

Alexander Greinacher


"Working with Masterblox has been a great fortune, as they have not only presented us with incredible projects to explore but also extended an invitation to be a part of the Poolside hub. We feel a sense of belonging in Lisbon."

Dyma Budorin

CEO & Founder