The Future of Web3: An Introduction to Masterblox's Vision

Monday, May 8, 2023

This is why Masterblox had to become three different teams, each with their own leadership, skillset, and very unique powers.

Digital ownership is more important than ever

I wrote this two years ago: “It’s clear to see that the world is in absolute chaos, a mix of an upcoming financial crisis along with political and social instability. Technological innovations and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning are also causing concern for specialized workers in industries like transportation and others.” I was writing about COVID and its aftermath, ESG and how tech can be a responsible leader in sustainability. Evidently, my small appeal didn’t exactly change the world, but in the background, we were working to build something that could. Looking at old writings has one excellent advantage: it shows you that good principles and a clear vision will always reveal the right path forward.

What are the recent tech news you can think of, off the top of your head? FTX’s collapse? Elon Musk buying Twitter and turning it into X? The rapid ascent of AI? These were all incredibly disruptive moments, and regardless of your position about them, it’s undeniable they have presented significant challenges for businesses and individuals that are trying to make their way in the digital economy. They all showed, in one way or another, how shaky the ground is underneath our feet. Our funds, our ability to create and produce original ideas of value, and even whatever presence we have already built through years of effort and dedication, are all at risk of disappearing in days, weeks, or months. There is no reason to believe we can trust new companies and institutions, new billionaires and important figures, any more than we could trust the ones that came before. They don’t care for you, and they never will. The promise of Web3, blockchain technology, crypto, and everything we’ve been building in the last few years is that one day we won’t have to. I strongly believe this is still the way forward. As AI and large corporations eat more and more of the Internet, ensuring that our digital lives remain our own is decisive.

Growth, not marketing

To achieve this, Masterblox had to become something different. We started out as the smallest company you could imagine. Bear or bull market, it didn’t matter, we had no backing from anyone. We were just a small group of rock n’ roll believers that wanted to show the world what these cool startups were up to. I won’t lie to you, for a lot of these companies, marketing was all they had. The bull market lifted some companies that didn’t earn their place, and the subsequent crash did harm to the sector’s reputations that will be very hard to fix. We understood this early on, and we decided we would be part of the solution. That’s why I was writing in 2021 about adopting actual standards of quality, at a time when everyone thought the line could only possibly go up. Masterblox had to become more.

Labs, Foundation, Capital

Masterblox Labs

Masterblox Labs is a complete marketing toolkit for Web3 projects. This is where we come from, and we are still the best at it. If you have a project that is ready to hit the market, and a product that you want to put in front of the right people, we have a comprehensive solution for you to establish a digital presence, increase interaction, and meet essential KPIs. Masterblox Labs has a proven track record, partnering with Consensys and BNB, as well as becoming a Chainlink Build programme service provider.

Masterblox Foundation

The Masterblox Foundation allowed us to take things a step forward. We have been in the market for too long, we have seen too many companies crash and succeed, not to have learned exactly how to navigate this scene. We have the skills and knowledge to truly accelerate Web3 initiatives in the right way. Our Foundation can help projects grow faster, but not just faster: right. We can provide assistance and crucial strategic partnerships. We can help negotiate Web3 collaborations that advance our partners as an on-demand external strategic partnerships team. We know how to find grants and facilitate fundraising. We do biz dev. We will collaborate closely with teams to achieve sustained, strategic growth that prepares our partners for leadership in the space. No one-size-fits-all. Every project gets the attention and specific solutions they need. Success for Masterblox Foundation has nothing to do with marketing. It’s to do with establishing companies for the long-run.

Masterblox Capital

Masterblox Capital is the next chapter in our story, and will establish us as the triple threat we always knew we were. We already guide our partners through every step of the process, from idea to the market, and when Capital comes along, we will also help founders achieve something we never had ourselves: funding. Capital is the investment arm of Masterblox. We will invest in the pre-seed and seed stages of Web3 infrastructure initiatives, promoting decentralization, trust-minimization, and self-sovereignty. We want to put our money where our mouth is, and back a responsible digital future by nurturing the development of ground-breaking ideas and supporting strategic Series A investment rounds for top thought leaders.

For those about to BUILD, we salute you

Some things never change, and Masterblox becoming bolder, bigger, and stronger will not affect our true nature. We are still the same scrappy upstarts that began this journey X years ago.

It’s time that you joined us